Welcome to the Western Australia - Sri
Lanka (Ceylon) Association Inc. (WASLA)

We are a not-for-profit community-based organisation incorporated in 1972. At present (2022) we are proud to have 275 members and countless friends who support us at our events, provide sponsorships and provide donations.

We provide our membership quality affordable gatherings while working towards increasing our numbers to enable us to be Charitable less fortunate people and groups.

We are innovative in providing for our membership through the promotion a variety of events at regular intervals throughout the year.

We are a passionate group of social entrepreneurs and educators gathered together to reimage the concept of community gatherings.

We are a local community association created by Sri Lankan Australians, with the primary aim of bringing the community together, paying tribute to our cultural roots and celebrating our unique cross-sectional multicultural identity. As a group, we keep in touch with each other by hosting several events throughout the year, and as a not-for-profit, we regularly donate proceeds to charities.

Transition from
old to new

Introducing the new chapter of WASLA, with our new logo.
While the previous logo served us well for five decades, this transition symbolises the next era. A new look fast-forwards us to modern times and better reflects our diverse demographic.

We spent several hours discussing what the new logo should look like. With a focus on the spirit and mission of WASLA, we made prime use of the choices available to us. Finally, a logo that best represents what WASLA is about was produced.

Taking a cue from our previous logo, our new logo considers both our origins as Sri Lankans and our current identity as Western Australians. Sri Lanka is represented by the Lotus Flower of many hues representing our diverse ethnicities. The lotus nestles within the bosom of Western Australia, represented by the Black Swan.

We are proud of the new logo, and hope you love it too.

Become a member of WASLA today

The Association was established in 1971 to promote the general welfare and support of Sri Lankans residing in Western Australia. It also caters to non-Sri Lankans who are interested in Sri Lanka, by creating an exciting meeting ground to foster social interaction and closer ties with other West Australian communities. WASLA promotes an active interest in Sri Lanka by providing historical, cultural, religious and other non-political information. We host regular events for members and guests, and we contribute to meaningful causes.

If you are of Sri Lankan heritage or you are interested in Sri Lankan culture, we invite you to apply for membership today.


WASLA Mother’s Day 2023

Children’s Christmas Party 2021

Date :

5 December 2021

Place :

John McGrath Pavilion

Fashion Show

Date :

24 March 2021

Place :

Europa Imports

Jazz Night

Date :

14 September 2021

Place :

Steve's Bar & Cafe

Misty Dinner Dance

Date :

14 May 2022

Place :

Sicilian Club

Mothers’ Day High Tea

Date :

9 May 2021

Place :

Stomp Coffee

Seniors’ Lunch 2021

Date :

7 November 2021

Place :

The Rise

Seniors’ Lunch 2022

Date :

12 November 2022

Place :

John McGrath Pavilion

Winter Dinner Dance

Date :

2 October 2021

Place :

Laguna Club

Our community-based projects

Nothing is more important to us than our community. This is why we believe that being involved, and giving back are two imperative parts of our identity. We are currently involved in the following initiatives:

• We support Sri Lankan immigrant students to get job ready by helping them with their resumes and preparing them for their interviews.
• We assist our fellow Sri Lankans to improve their English language skills. This is a project that we hope to collaborate with Rotary Elizabeth Quay to execute.
• We initiate food drive projects for homeless people in Northbridge and Fremantle.
• We organise fundraising events to support domestic violence victims and create awareness;
• We also contribute to other charitable fundraisers.

If you would like to learn how you can get on board with these community projects, we would love to hear from you. We are always in need of volunteers. Chat to our team right away.


Seniors' Lunch


Misty Dinner Dance


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