Who we are

We offer an exciting meeting ground to foster social interaction within the West Australian community.

Welcome to the Western Australia-Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Association, fondly known as WASLA. Our community association was founded in 1971 by eminent Sri Lankan Charles Oorloff, a Crown Lawyer in Perth. At the time we were established, the population of Perth was 745,000 and growing rapidly.

From humble beginnings, WASLA has grown to a thriving organisation in 2022, managed by several professionals, business owners, senior company executives and other highly skilled and experienced Sri Lankans. The current committee includes Kevin Melder who was in the first Committee over 50 years ago.

It’s not all work, though! We certainly know how to enjoy ourselves and cater to the social needs of our community through the many events organised throughout the year, such as food fairs, dances, musical evenings, Seniors’ Lunch, and the annual Children’s Party.

In 2021, WASLA was granted charity status and is now focused on supporting community initiatives in the areas of poverty alleviation, education, and the prevention of family and domestic violence in Western Australia and Sri Lanka.

Office Bearers

Milindha de Mel


Shereen Gerreyn

Vice President

Kevin Wright

Vice President

Shamilal Wirasinha


Radha de Mel


Bianca Eriyagama


Committee Members

Vicky Sivarajah

Sigrid Thomas

Rosanna de Mel

Sunita Niranjan

Anu Wirasinha

Rowena Wijesooriya

Varunika Samarasinha

Kevin Melder

Prakash Muthu-krishna

Our Partners